Discover MVG’s antenna measurement and OTA testing solutions dedicated to 5G FR1 and FR2 frequency bands

Tests and measurements of 5G enabled devices and base transceiver stations differ significantly from what was done before. From a technical perspective, introducing mmWave devices into our telecommunications network poses a number of testing challenges... 

5G devices and network have to be tested in different configurations at the system level and Over-The-Air (OTA). To date, three OTA testing methodologies have been approved by 3GPP for conformance testing of mmWave user equipment and base stations: direct far-field, indirect far-field and near-field to far-field transformation. 

MVG offers a wide selection of solutions based on near-field, far-field and compact range measurement techniques for Antenna, EMC, RCS, and Radome testing. This overview present MVG’s 5G FR1 & FR2 antenna measurement and OTA testing solutions designed to address the challenges and standards raised by 5G development.