Are you training the future minds of electromagnetic science?

Academic and Research Institutions

Maintaining class-leading microwave laboratories to ensure students of electromagnetic science gain hands-on experience of the latest industry advancements, is a challenge faced by academic and research institutions the world over.

MVG is proud to offer a specially designed range of affordable, highly flexible, industry-standard measurement systems for education and training. Offering state-of-the-art technology with only the functionality needed for education.

Academic and Research Institutions
Antenna Development

For academic institutions developing antenna technology, MVG offers both MV-Scan™ and classic solutions. Both options are compact, portable and cost-effective, having been designed with flexibility and multi-purpose environments in mind.

Academic and Research Institutions
RF Safety

MVG has designed a PPM especially for the purpose of human exposure to electromagnetic field studies.

It's a light and portable RF safety personal monitoring device that performs continuous measurements of the human exposure level to electromagnetic fields (EMF).