Whitepaper: The Benefits of Multi-probe Technology for the Testing of Phased-Array Antennas of LEO Satellite Constellations

Rocketing demand for worldwide connectivity, coupled with time-sensitive constellation deployment, means the 5G space race is on full blast. For frontrunners, the unknown territory carries high risk and investment. While accuracy and reliability of completed LEO satellite systems take front stage, with thorough tests and verifications, the development and production of these mega constellations are facing high out-put requirements. 

Now with more antennas per satellite than ever before, in addition to their advancing complexity, the testing and calibration of satellite antennas adds to the challenges, while their performance remains critical to mission success. Phased array antennas, an integral component of LEO satellite constellations, are no exception. 

How can companies keep launch rates going at the necessary fast pace while mitigating risks? One area is in antenna testing. Read our latest whitepaper to discover more.